[TWITTER] 131217 SMTOWN Update (3P)

and SOOYOUNG have been appointed as honorary ambassador for ‘UNICEF CAMPAIGN’

finished shooting the final episode of ‘1 Night 2 Days’. Thank you all fans who have shown love and support!

YOONA with LEE. BEOM SOO at the set of drama (Prime Minister and I)’



[TWITTER] 131217 UNICEF KOREA Update – Sooyoung & Siwon

unicef korea telah menunjuka sooyoung dan choi siwon sebagai duta untuk mempromosikan sponsor kampanye natal santa. kalian dapat membantu anak-anak yang membutuhkan melalui halaman ini http://wwunicef.or.kr/santa

unicef korea has appointed sooyoung and choi siwon as the ambassador to promote a christmas sponsorship santa campaign. You can help the children in need by going to this page http://t.co/D5FC32W9wE http://t.co/NpTftUo97a

유니세프한국위원회가 산타 캠페인 홍보사절로 임명된 수영, 최시원과 함께 크리스마스 정기후원 캠페인을 전개합니다. 후원 페이지http://www.unicef.or.kr/santa 에서 도움이 필요한 어린이들을 만날 수 있습니다

source: unicef korea
eng trans by: WorldWideELFs
bahasa trans by: SMTOWN INDONESIA