[INSTAGRAM] 140606 Sooyoung Update with Kyuhyun & Soojin

BpdMauvCAAA0CNt.jpg large

Singin’ in the Rain Musikal!! Tolong tunjukan banyak cinta (hearts)  Aktris Musikal Choi Suding* hwiting! Sunny, hwaiting! (dance) (thumbsuo) #musicalsinginintherain #KyuhyunOppa’s back #choisujin

Musical Singin’ in the Rain!! Please show it lots of love(hearts) Musical actress Choi Suding* hwaiting! Sunny too, hwaiting! (dance)(thumbsup)#musicalsingingintherain #KyuhyunOppa’sBack #choisujin

뮤지컬싱잉인더레인!! 많은 사랑부탁드려요 뮤지컬배우 최수딩 화이팅! 써니도화이팅! #musicalsingingintherain #규현오빠뒷태 #choisujin

*sooyoung wrote ‘Choi Suding’ as cute way of saying ‘Choi Soojin
(Choi Soojin is Sooyoung’s older sister, who is also part of Singin’ in the Rain cast)

source: syofgg on instagram
eng trans by: soshi_bond
bahasa trans by: SMTOWN INDONESIA


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