[INSTAGRAM] 140602 Donghae Update

140602 donghae

ELF 8th anniversary ^^ aku mencintai kalian! Seperti dimasa lalu dan juga dimasa depan, mari saling mencintai satu sama lain sampai mati !!:) Aku mencintai kalian seperti orang gila !! 

ELF 8th anniversary ^^ i love you ! Like the past and also the future(,) lets love each other till death !!:) I love you like crazy !! ㅎ

ELF 8주년 ^^ 사랑해요 ! 전에도 마찬가지였고 앞으로고 그렇고 죽을때까지 사랑해요 우리 !!:) 미친듯이 사랑해요 !! ㅎ

credit: leedonghae on instagram
eng trans by: 13elieveSG
bahasa trans by: SMTOWN INDONESIA


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