Someone call the Dr.SUHO

Apa kalian semua sudah siap untuk kecanduan pada EXO?
Jika kalian sakit karena kencanduan kami, panggil Dr. SUHO yang buka sepanjang tahun.

Juga hari ini adalah hari orang tua.
Meskipun ini akan canggung dan memalukan, mari kita semua katakan (setidaknya sekali ini) pada orang tua kita kalau kita mencintai mereka ~ ♥


Someone call the Dr.SUHO

Is everyone ready to get addicted to EXO?
If you get sick from getting too addicted to us, call Dr. SUHO who is open all year long.

Also today is parent’s day.
Even though it might be awkward and embarrassing, let’s all tell our parents we love them at least once ~ ♥


Someone call the Dr.SUHO

여러분 엑소에게 중독되실 준비가 되셨나요?
혹시 너무 저희에게 중독 돼서 아프시다면
연중무휴 Dr. SUHO 에게 전화하세요.

그리고 오늘은 어버이날.
어색하고 쑥스러울지라도 부모님께 사랑해요 한마디씩 꼭 해요 우리~♥

+ 어버이날 맞이 팬 사랑컷

source: exo-k.smtown
eng trans by: fy-exo
bahasa trans by: SMTOWN INDONESIA


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