[TWITTER] 140221 Moon Ga Young Update (2P)


Hari ini! Oh!
MiMi tayang perdana!!!!!!!!
Sampai bertemu selama sebulan setiap jum’at!!! Tetap di Mnet pukul 11pm❤️
-Minwoo Yang Mengharapkan MiMi-

Today! Oh!
MiMi first broadcast!!!!!!!!!!
See you in one month  every friday!!!! Stay tuned on Mnet at 11pm❤️
-Minwoo Hopefully MiMi-

오늘은 드!디!어!
미미 첫방송 하는날!!!!!!!!!
앞으로 한달간 매주 금요일에 만나요!!!!❤️Mnet 11pm 채널고정!
-민우바라기 미미-


Apa kalian masih terpaku pada siaran MiMi?

Are you guys staying glued to the broadcast of MiMi?

‘미미’ 본방사수 하고 있나요? ^^

source: Moon Ga Young’s Twitter

*sorry for the wrong translation


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